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ISUZU ~ a unit of SUZUKI Textiles

  • Suzuki Suiting Shirting

  • ISUZU Suiting


  • Indopolo

To produce best quality of fabric we have the latest machinery from different parts of the world.

Weaving M/Cs

  • Sulzer Ruti PU/P-7100/PS-930,

  • Picanol/Airjet/Tsudakoma Airjet

  • Warping M/Cs – Hakoba, Westpoint, Prashant Gamatex

  • Sizing M/C - Kawamoto, Westpoint, Amritlakshmi

  • Jacquard/Dobby- Staubli.

The company is equipped with latest weaving technology – Airjet, Rapier and Projectile Weaving machines from Japan, Switzerland combined with preparation Warping, Sizing from.

Cotton and synthetic fabrics suitable for shirts, trousers, garments and sheeting’s.

Production Capacity
Total 865 High Speed Airjet, Sulzer and Rapier Looms with varied width suitable for single width and  double width fabric as well as wider width sheeting’s. Production capacity 7.50 Million mars. of fabric per month.

Human Resource
Our most valuable asset is our fully devoted and experienced employee. We invest in on human resource, their training for awareness to latest development and technologies, their welfare programs to  make them socially secure.

Manufacturing Process
Testing of Raw-material – The raw-material Cotton and Synthetic yarn is tested for its quality, Imperfections and strength to ensure highest efficiency and quality of fabric.

Warping & Sizing- Weaver’s beam are prepared on latest warping and sizing machines to ensure Smooth and uninterrupted functioning of warp on looms. The yarn passes through steaming and coating  of chemical to give desired strength.

Drawing and Knotting
The warp beam undergoes function of drawing in desired weave manually to make it suitable for use as TANA (Warp) portion of the fabric. Alternatively knotting is being done from the loom itself from  warp beam.

The warp beam put on loom as above, ready for making the fabric is then passes through weft insertion (BANA) through different technology on different looms e.g. projectile, Rapier and Air. With this  process gray fabric manufacturing is completed.

The gray fabric made as above is same to process house to give desired dyeing and finishing effects to make it suitable for sales in market.

There are two different ways of disposal of fabric either it is sold in gray shape as made from loom suitable for garments and sheeting or it is sent to process house for dyeing and finishing and again for grading in required length as per buyer’s need.

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